Wale Takes Full Advantage Of His Name Trending On Twitter

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Wale dropped the “Sue Me” video on April 22 but woke up on Saturday (May 2) to people still doubting his skills and pedigree, which almost seems like an everyday occurrence for him.

The Wow… That’s Crazy rapper found himself a trending Twitter topic after fans began debating whether he was lyrically better than Travis Scott. Numerous fans took Folarin’s side, noting the two artists were completely different.

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Of course, Wale wasn’t one to jump into the foray and defend himself against the culture of opinion, but he did have an idea.

“Seen my name trending … but the way my anxiety set up I’m not clicking that joint ..but go stream ‘wow that’s crazy,’” he captioned the post. “And watch ‘Sue me’ video. Wash hands and have a good day.”

In previous instances where Wale’s greatness was called into question, he not only defended his name but also made it clear he felt he was one of the greatest. He caused a bit of ire last summer when he proclaimed, “I’m one of the greatest rappers of all time. There I said it.”

Wale Claims G.O.A.T. Status

Recently, beyond the release of his  “Sue Me” video with Kelly Price, the D.C. native has tapped in with fans during his Hard Drive Party series on Instagram. He’s previewed new music and shared songs previously in his vault.

“When I go back in the studio I wanna do some other interactive activities to activate my folks watchin,” he tweeted. “maybe I’ll pick songs I like and see who samples it the best .. maybe go live live wit some producers and fans pick out some beats .just tryn stay creative 4my sanity.”

Source: Hip Hop DX