Charlamagne Tha God Hits YBN Almighty Jay With ‘Donkey Of The Day’ For Ignoring Social Distancing

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New York, NY – The Breakfast Club dubbed YBN Almighty Jay “Donkey of the Day” on Wednesday (April 15). Why? Because the 18-year-old rapper admitted he wasn’t practicing social distancing and was telling girls to “pull up” despite the rampant coronavirus pandemic.

Charlamagne Tha God explained what led him to the conclusion while bequeathing the title.

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“Now, YBN Almighty Jay is an anti-social distancer, and you know what I say about anti-social distancers — they are the same type of folks who wouldn’t have gotten on the ark when Noah told him it was about to rain,” he says. “We’ve seen so many stories of anti-social distancers getting sick and in some cases like Bishop Gerald Glenn who say, ‘God is larger than corona!’ Well, he died.”

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The Power 105.1 radio personality went on to remind people why it’s important to adhere to the strict guidelines, saying, “It’s not just for your own good but for the good of others ’cause we all got things to do. We all need to get back outside, so we can get back to the real hustle of life. And we can’t do that unless we social distance and flatten this curve.”

Charlamagne also made sure to point out Jay responded on Instagram and insisted it was all for attention. He also denied anyone on the show was a “miserable bitch” but copped to being “old.”

“Some things in this world I would never understand,” Jay wrote. “I get judged so much by lame ass mfs that don’t know me in real life and mfs that just dry hate on young niggas. This shit right here crazy. SWIPE LEFT to see a different response to the same statement. Fuck @breakfastclubam old miserable bitches.”

Jay made his confession during an interview with TMZ Live and admitted he wasn’t abiding by the CDC’s recommendations.

“I ain’t been really taking it serious,” he said. “I just wish I could go somewhere, but I still been having girls and stuff like, pull up to the spot.”

Watch the TMZ interview below.

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Source: Hip Hop DX