Will & Jaden Smith Chop It Up With Joyner Lucas On Snapchat

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Joyner Lucas’s tribute video to Will Smith brought them together over Snapchat – thanks to Jaden Smith.

On Wednesday (April 8), Will hosted Joyner on his new Snapchat series Will From Home. The pair chopped it up at length about the video for “Will,” in which Joyner paid homage to his role model by recreating some of his most iconic characters.

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Before watching the video, Will chats with Jaden who explains what prompted him to set up the virtual meeting.

“I sent you the video,” he says. “My homie Joyner sent it to me, and me and Joyner have been cool for a long time. He’s always told me how much you inspire him. Your model of just wanting to improve lives, I can tell you that really resonated with him. I wanted you guys to meet, and I wanted us to be able to look at the video all together.

“Even if it wasn’t about you, I probably would’ve still sent it to you ‘cause it’s fire.”

Joyner Lucas Asks ‘Is This Real Life?’ After Will Smith Responds To His ‘Will’ Video

When Joyner and Will e-meet for the first time, the ADHD rapper is noticeably overwhelmed.

“Dude. Honestly, I have so many emotions right now,” he says. “(…) I feel like this isn’t even real life.”

Before getting into the video, Joyner asks Will how many times he’s watched it. Will responds, saying, “This will be my ninth time right now.” Jaden joins the party later and they watch it together, breaking it down as they go.

Joyner released “Will” last month, shortly before his debut studio album ADHD. Will responded to the viral video, saying, “That joint is fire,” and he’s “humbled and honored.”

Revisit the “Will” video below.

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Source: Hip Hop DX