YoungBoy Never Broke Again's Mom Threatens His Haters With Fire & Brimstone

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s mother, Sherhonda Gaulden, attempted to put the fear of god into her Instagram Live viewers when she went on a tirade about her son. On Tuesday (April 7), Gaulden issued a stern warning to anyone even thinking about hating on her son.

“Don’t talk about my child nigga, cause guess what, that’s a grown-ass man over there, that’s a grown fucking man over there,” she began. “And I promise you, I don’t want my child running behind nobody, going to look for nobody or none of that. Don’t do none of that. I don’t want my child doing none of that.

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“But I am telling this to any muthafuckin’ body that got breath in they muthafuckin’ body. If you go at him and if you go to him, bitch, he better let every muthafuckin’ bullet out he got in his muthafuckin’ gun and he better reload it and let shit out again.”

The controversy started over the weekend when Floyd Mayweather’s 19-year-old daughter Iyanna was arrested for allegedly stabbing the mother of YoungBoy’s child. After the news broke, Kodak Black slammed the Baton Rouge native for “cooperating” with police.

YoungBoy then went off on Kodak during an Instagram Live session as Iyanna looked over his shoulder, making it clear she’d already been bailed out of Houston’s Harris County Jail.

“[Kodak] say I cooperated,” he shouted. “For what, you stupid bitch? Bout my wife?! Iyanna, get up. Come here. You talking about this girl right here? You talking about my wife? Inside my house that I pay for?”

NBA YoungBoy Snaps On Kodak Black As Iyanna Mayweather Looks On

He added, “Tell me why this nigga spoke on me from jail. Why the fuck you even watching me from jail? Man, you is a bitch! This nigga gonna say I cooperated with the police.”

Revisit the video below.

Source: Hip Hop DX