Fetty Wap Reportedly Sued By Woman For Alleged 2019 Assault

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A woman is reportedly suing Fetty Wap for an alleged assault that took place in June 2019. As reported by The Blast, the suit alleges the incident happened after Fetty invited the woman to a house party.

The woman claims Fetty, who she believes was intoxicated, became aggressive toward several attendees “without any justification.” After the woman made a comment to a friend, she claims Fetty strangled her against a window while threatening to kill her.

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According to the filing, he “violently grabbed Plaintiff by her throat and strangled her. While still choking her, (Fetty) forcefully pushed Plaintiff against a window and threatened Plaintiff by saying “I’ll kill you.” The doc further explains,  Fetty grabbed her by the “arm, neck, and hair, ripping parts of her clothes and her neckless from her body.” She “felt extreme fear for her health and safety and felt extreme pain and swelling on numerous parts of her body.”

In video of the aftermath, Fetty knocks the phone out of the woman’s hand as she asks if he’s going to attack her again. 

The Los Angeles District Attorney reportedly declined to press charges against Fetty, citing insufficient evidence. Although the woman didn’t specify how much money she’s seeking, she says she “continues to suffer from extreme distress, humiliation, indignation, and outrage as a result of Fetty Wap’s intoxicated and violent conduct.”

Last October, Fetty was charged with battery for allegedly attacking three security guards at a Las Vegas hotel. The 300 Entertainment artist was arrested in September 2019 for the altercation, which allegedly started over a dispute with a valet driver.

Fetty Wap Accused Of Assaulting Woman In Hollywood

Police said Fetty ended up striking three members of security attempting to stop the confrontation. He was ultimately charged with three counts of battery but only one stuck.

Revisit the melee below.

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Source: Hip Hop DX