Comethazine Shares 'Pandemic' Album

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Comethazine has released Pandemic, a 12-track album with a timely title. While some might find the name to be unseemly in light of COVID-19’s spread, the Alamo Records rapper says the title was something he came up with prior to the crisis.

“I was on tour in Europe in February and started watching this documentary called Pandemic in the hotel,” he explains in a press release. “It got me thinking about the end of the world and shit. The music I made for this album has that energy and fit perfectly.”

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View Comethazine’s Pandemic stream, cover art and tracklist below.

1. No Front
2. Mama’s Glizzy
3. Permanent
4. Ambitions
5. Blu-Ray
6. Pitbull
7. Get Out
8. Nutted
10. Glide
11. Plottin’
12. Gallardo

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