D-Nice Breaks Down The Science Behind #ClubQuarantine To Jimmy Fallon

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D-Nice was admittedly shaken when he realized former First Lady Michelle Obama had tuned in to his Instagram Live session on Saturday (March 21). The Boogie Down Productions DJ made the confession during a video appearance on the “At-Home Edition” of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! on Monday (March 23).

His IG Live “social distancing party” reeled in over 100,000 viewers and many famous names rolled across the video as he played songs by Slick Rick and more, leading to the hashtag “#ClubQuarantine.”

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“I was nervous,” D-Nice told Fallon. “And even though I deejayed for them — I played, you know, the second-to-last party at the White House and did the inaugural ball — there was something about [being] in that setting, where I’m really at home. Like, this is my kitchen; I’m deejaying in my kitchen and something that I was doing in my kitchen was able to touch the world.”

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Later in the conversation, D-Nice revealed his secret to throwing an electric online party.

“When you’re feeding off of a crowd, you’re trying to play for the crowd,” he said.”I’m reading their body languages, I want them to hear what they want to hear. 100,000 people were in that Live to hear what I wanted to play, and I was able to play from my heart … so I was able to just do what I love and it was a beautiful experience.”

He added he will be throwing them roughly every other day.

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Source: Hip Hop DX