Lil Uzi Vert Accused Of Plagiarizing 'That Way' Cover Art

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Lil Uzi Vert is facing allegations of plagiarism. The Atlantic Records rapper was put on blast by South Korean artist Tae Tae, who accused him of copying a six-year-old painting for his “That Way” cover art.

“I am very upset that I have to write such an article,” Tae Tae wrote on Instagram. “I saw lil uzi vert’s latest album cover art and it was very similar to my painting.”

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He noted, “My picture was posted on my blog six years ago, and it is possible to use it for profile pictures or non-commercial purposes, but it is not allowed to use anything else. Now I’m very embarrassed and don’t want to let this go.”

Uzi responded to the allegations in two Instagram comments, seemingly admitting his wrongdoing.

“Hey, I’m not a mean person or a thief,” Uzi wrote on Tae Tae’s post. “I get inspired a lot if you want money I will have my team contact you and give you money Signed … Baby Pluto P.s. You’re a great artist.”

He added, “Just because I’m famous doesn’t mean imma ignore the problem or shove money I wanna help in all areas I love art it’s the only thing that keeps me okay and leveled.”

The “That Way” cover art was made by an artist named Artxstic, who says Uzi requested a recreation of Tae Tae’s painting.

“It was what Uzi asked for,” he told South Korea’s

In response to multiple comments on his Instagram, Artxstic has claimed he and Uzi would compensate Tae Tae.

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Tae Tae, whose real name is Tae Yeon Lee, spoke to the Daily Dot and confirmed conversations with Uzi’s team have begun.

“We are currently talking to Lil Uzi’s management and there is no conclusion on compensation,” he said. “I will take legal action if the communication is not good.”

Source: Hip Hop DX