Vic Mensa Arrested For Possession Of Brass Knuckles

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Glendale, CA – Vic Mensa learned the hard way that brass knuckles are illegal in California. According to TMZ, the Roc Nation artist was arrested earlier this month in Glendale after police found a pair of brass knucks on him during a pat-down.

Mensa was reportedly stopped by police for making an unsafe turn while riding a motorcycle. An officer frisked him and discovered the brass knuckles in his pockets, leading to his arrest.

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The Chicago-bred artist was charged with felony possession of brass knuckles and released after posting $20,000 bond. Despite being pulled over originally for an unsafe turn, Mensa avoided getting a ticket for his driving.

No federal law exists regulating brass knuckles in the United States, which means the weapon has varying legality across the country. California has one of the strictest bans with felony charges carrying sentences of up to three years behind bars.

Source: Hip Hop DX