Akademiks & Nav Ring In 2020 With Twitter Beef

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Shortly after French Montana and 50 Cent went at it on social media, DJ Akademiks and NAV have stepped up to the plate. It all started with a tweet from NAV that read, “Akademiks hop on and off dick so much he prolly got STDs.”

Although the Everyday Struggle co-host initially played it cool, he eventually started throwing jabs.

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“Sorry bro I only want Lizzo,” he replied at first. “Btw this is the statement repeated by every rapper who cold… I post the hot shit sorry.” 

However, it didn’t take long for Akademiks to bring up NAV’s March 2019 interview with Pitchfork in which he laments not being recognized by paparazzi.

“Imagine being rich asf driving to where paparazzi is at in a half a million dollar car and a million in jewelry and catching feelings cuz no one noticed u,” Akademiks wrote. “Seems like u dick riding the media. U hid ya face for the first year u blew up now u desperately want attention. Answer that.”

He added in a follow-up tweet, “Also to add some context…as rich as Nav is he’s admitted to go out of his way for TMZ/Paparazzi attention…and they ignore him and it bothers him. Sad that these rich ass rappers still judge themselves off blogs/attention n desperately crave it..Sad World we live in.”

NAV then tried to say he wasn’t talking about himself in the interview, explaining he “phrased it as an observation.”

“Back Peddling,” Akademiks responded. “address u dying for attention & being salty u didn’t get it. That’s why u call out a media nigga. I ain’t never seen u call out a Rapper. Why? Niggas stole ur Style & went further wit it and u had to smile while u hurt inside u ain’t never call them out on twitter.”

Akademiks took their beef to Instagram as well and pointed out an example of NAV’s perceived “dikkriding.” He pointed out NAV once said if Lil Uzi Vert quit rapping, he would too.

The social media personality wrapped up his commentary with one last jab — at least for now.

“Im done though…anyway @beatsbynav…next time just subtweet me like all the rappers you’d never call out directly on twitter…but u stay dissing on here. Remember u dont get points off dissing akademiks. And i got all the time. Hope paparazzi recognize u in 2020.”

Source: Hip Hop DX