Swae Lee's Ex Says She Has $20K To Have Him Killed — & His Mom Threatens To Kill Her

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Miami, FL – Swae Lee’s on-and-off-again girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz is doing a little damage control after she offered $20,000 to have the Rae Sremmurd rapper killed. Ortiz shared a recent Instagram video of herself screaming at Swae and admitting she’d just tried to smash out the windows on his Lamborghini.

The text across the clip read, “Someone kill him I got 20k cash for you.”

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Ortiz then walked back the threat and claimed she was simply angry at Swae. 

“I was mad and meant nothing I said,” she wrote. “We good now u guys can chill.”

But Swae’s mother wasn’t having it. She quickly issued an ominous warning to Ortiz from her “official_mamasremm” Instagram account, saying, “@marlie IF ANYBODY TOUCHES MY SON I WILL PUT A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD MYSELF.”

Shortly after the threat, Ortiz returned to her Instagram Stories in an effort to defend herself. She says Swae’s mother is the crazy one and routinely degrades her for being a foster child.

“First of all his mother is in some type of secret battle with me,” she wrote. “I’ve seen text messages. She will get drunk and message Swae apologizing for cussing me out. I never disrespected her. So nah his mom literally bullies me for being a foster child and reminds me that my parents are dead. She’s damaged as well.”

She also shares several text message exchanges between herself and the mother, which shows Swae’s mom calling her a “hoe” and suggesting Ortiz get psychological help.”Im sorry you a hoe and you had to go down that road bc you have no ambition…but maybe your anger comes from your parents death,” the mother said. “You need psychology. You need counseling sweetheart.”

Ortiz replies, “I’m full of ambition and balance out school and work. On my own lol.”The mother then says Ortiz is going to jail and calls her a “little crack baby foster kid.”

Check out the full exchange below.

Source: Hip Hop DX