Blueface Clowns Lil Duval’s Failed Live Performance

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Lil Duval is the laughing stock of Blueface’s Instagram feed, and not because the comedian told a joke.

The Thotiana rapper shared a video on IG of a recent Lil Duval performance – an attempt to sing a new single, “Christmas Trees,” that resulted in boos, laughter and more than shade being thrown at the stage.

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The video depicts Lil Duval beginning his performance saying, “I’m high as a muthafucka, but guess what?”, before ripping straight into the melodic chorus.” Less than a minute later, the crowd starts throwing things at him, jeering and laughing noisily. Duval then reacts.

“Oh y’all got me fucked up,” he says. “Cut that shit off.” He then addresses the crowd saying, “You ugly muthafuckas in this bitch, later adding, “y’all better start singing this muthafucka.”

Swiping left on the post, which contains  the hashtag #jokesonyouduval, reveals Blueface having a laugh at the comedian’s expense. “Daaamn,” he says, “they hit cuz with that, ‘Where y’all find this nigga at? Get the fuck off this stage.’”

Blueface then laments Duval for not heeding his outcry against comedians who try to rap, as well as others who might fail to do so. “On Crip, I tried to tell cuz,” he says. “I be trying to help young black men out here. I be trying to inspire young black men. Seemingly defeated, he says, “These niggas don’t wanna listen.”

He sarcastically continues, “Don’t take advice from Blueface. No one take rap advice from Blueface, cause he’s just a professional rapper who fuckin’ made it with all the shit, so don’t listen to him. Don’t listen to the niggas that made it.”

Blueface first came at comedians trying to rap when he took to IG to advise social media comedian Shiggy not to switch lanes. This triggered Duval to respond with the numbers for his Billboard 100-charting single ‘Smile (Living My Best Life)’, captioning the post #jokesonyoublu #nowcityboywitit.”

Check out Lil Duval’s “Christmas Trees” video below.

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Source: Hip Hop DX