Juice Wrld's Ex-Girlfriend Speaks On His Lean & Percocet Use & Reveals His Secret Instagram Account

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In the wake of his death, Juice Wrld’s ex-girlfriend has revealed his private Instagram account as well as his dependence on lean and Percocet as his fame grew.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail, Alexia Smith spoke about how his battle with depression affected his drug usage.

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“Even when he had every reason to be happy, he still wasn’t and obviously that’s mental illness,” Smith stated. “If you have family, girlfriend, money, you have the job that you want but you’re still unhappy at that point, your brain isn’t working properly and you need professional help.”

She believed Juice Wrld was taking up to three 30 mg Percocet at a time while drinking lean.

She claimed she even saw morphine and cocaine being pushed on the rising star as record labels battled to sign him. She recalled, “He didn’t do the coke but the point was, in the beginning, labels were fighting over him so bad they would have given him anything.”

Smith admitted to not taking his addiction seriously, stating, “I didn’t tell him to stop right away because I didn’t realize how bad it was and I was doing it with him.”

According to Smith, she witnessed Juice take other drugs like Xanax and ecstasy during their relationship.

Smith revealed Juice’s private Instagram where he constantly posted about using drugs to deal with his chronic depression. He posted two articles about dealing with depression as well as an image of a sunset.

Under the image, he wrote, “I can’t help the way I want to.. I suck.”

She also admitted to becoming addicted to lean but stopped once her usage got out of control.

Once clean, Smith tried helping the departed rapper to quit his vices after an alleged overdose in 2018 shortly after the deaths of Lil Peep and XXXTENTACION. She alleged he became abusive towards her during his periods of withdrawals.

“We started to get physical with each other and then he would just relapse because he couldn’t deal with how much it hurt. His body was in pain,” she admitted.

Smith continued, “My mom just always raised me that once it gets to that point it’s over with. And I told him that and he agreed.”

Shortly after the alleged abuse started, the couple parted ways in October 2018.

Since his untimely death, the Hip Hop community has been in mourning with Joyner Lucas and G Herbo beefing over Lucas’ criticism of “rappers who glorify drug.”

More details about his death have emerged as federal agents had been watching him since November.

Source: Hip Hop DX