Big Fase 100 Responds To The Game's 'Hug The Block' Shots

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After receiving a lyrical fade from his younger brother The Game on Born 2 Rap track “Hug The Block,” Big Fase 100 has issued a response to the song on Instagram.

Big Fase used an image of biblical character Cain striking down his brother Abel to refer to the tumultuous relationship the siblings have endured over the years. “To use a nigga up and leave him stuck in the streets for 14 years is one thing,” Big Fase says in the caption. “But to hold all this invalid hate and disdain for a nigga is beyond my comprehension.”

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In the song, The Game verbally attacks his brother rapping “I was LeBron, you were supposed to be my Rich Paul/Baby to Slim when a nigga got rich dawg/But your love turn to hate that’s what we split for/When the fuck you get soft/And start talkin’ behind my back like baby mamas when they pissed off.”

Big Fase gives his side of the story in the captions. “In 2005, I left after months of feeling underappreciated and not needed,” he explains. “And got confirmation of that when the repossessions began instead of what I hoped would be a just a misunderstanding repaired by a brotherly talk to get things straight.”

According to Big Fase, he knew his position when it came to his brother’s career and he made sure to reiterate there was no envy on his side. “Never once have I said ‘That should be me.’ I was very accepting of my role in the movement,” he says.

He continued, “I kept pushing and tried to make the best of it (Brazil Street Records/One Hunned Entertainment) and every path to the bag was in one way or another blocked by you.”

Big Fase isn’t the only person that has an issue with the Compton star as of late. Nipsey Hussle’s artist BH has had some words for The Game’s tributes to the late Crenshaw rapper on Instagram.

Born 2 Rap was released on November 29.

Source: Hip Hop DX