Lauryn Hill's Cousin Facing Jail Time For Owing Her $70K

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The financial issue between Lauryn Hill and her cousin has hit a new level as Gerald Hill could possibly face jail time if he doesn’t cough up his bank records.

In an article posted by The Blast, a New Jersey judge found L-Boogie’s cousin went against her rights by refusing to hand over his bank documents. He owes his cousin $70,000 from a loan in which she claims never came in. According to a court order, if the financial documents aren’t handed in within 10 days a warrant for his arrest will be sent out.

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This battle of the cousins has been going on since June 2018 when Ms. Hill sued her relative for the $65,000 loan back in June the previous year. A contract was signed stating he’d pay the money back by September 2017 and if it were paid before that date no interest would accrue. If he missed the deadline, a 10 percent simple annual interest would be added to the bill.

Hill claims the repayment was not honored which led to the Grammy Award-winning singer to sue her cousin for a breach of contract. She’s looking for the original amount of $65,000 paid to her plus attorney fees. Reportedly, he blew off the court date causing more drama between him and the singer. In August 2019, Hill was granted a default judgment of $72,886.92.

Source: Hip Hop DX