Eminem Takes A Swipe At Lord Jamar During Abu Dhabi Concert

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Eminem and Mr. Porter are currently on tour overseas. During a stop at Abu Dhabi’s du Arena, the notorious rap god took a swipe at Brand Nubian MC Lord Jamar, who has been one of Shady’s most outspoken critics.

At some point during the show, he stopped the music to tell his fans about a recent dream he had — or nightmare, technically.

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“I had a dream that I was a fucking nobody who sucked at rap,” he said. “Do you know who I was Mr. Porter?”

Mr. Porter asked, “Who?!” Em replied, “Lord Jamar!”

From there, Em went into “Criminal” from the 2000 classic, The Marshall Mathers LP, which elicited a roar from the crowd.

Jamar has consistently stated people from “the hood” don’t listen to Shady. It reached a boiling point in August when Royce Da 5’9 laid into Jamar for his criticisms on the Shady Records boss.

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Naturally, Jamar couldn’t help himself from replying and fired back, insisting he didn’t care about Em.

“I’ve been done mad interviews and people ask me about Eminem,” he said. “I really don’t give a fuck about Eminem to be honest. He’s not someone I’m really thinking about. The only reason I bring him up is because you have white people that will say Eminem is the G.O.A.T. of Hip Hop based upon his record sales. That’s the only problem I have.”

Not long after Jamar’s comments, Em shared a cryptic message on Twitter, leading many to believe he was locked and loaded with a Jamar diss, but it never materialized. New music from Shady is expected in the near future, so perhaps he will address his issues with Jamar there.

Source: Hip Hop DX