Akademiks Resurrects Rap Alter Ego & Drops Nicki Minaj Diss

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DJ Akademiks has decided to take his grievances with Nicki Minaj to wax. On Thursday (October 3), the Everyday Struggle co-host unleashed “Take Care Babe” as his response to the Instagram DM wrath he and Nicki exchanged last month.

He teased the track a day prior via Instagram, revealing his Lil Ak alter ego was back in effect.

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“The return of LIL AK. 10.18.2019. HYPEBEAST OTW,” he wrote in the cation. “We taking all lyrical fades too… might have to drop a diss song too to set the tone out here… lmk who need a lyrical annihilation from LIL AK. The pen is itching.”

The track kicks off with, “Don’t be playing, don’t be playing like you know me/Tell Nicki she can fuck me on her IG,” a clear reference to their IG fight.

He addressed the situation during an episode of Everyday Struggle in September.

“Nicki’s having a breakdown,” Ak said. “She’s at the point where the shoe that nearly connected with her dome that was thrown by Cardi got her out of whack. She’s now threatening bloggers. I though Nicki wanted to have a conversation, or at least bring me to Queen Radio to defend … I thought she was on the brink of calling me ‘cocksucker of the week.’”

Ak revealed Nicki threatened him and accused him of having romantic feelings for Tekashi 6ix9ine. 

“last time I was in the studio was 69 he told me he could tell you were really hoping he was gay in real life & that you really tried to touch him in that pool,” her DM read. “The reason you mad is due to me and him being close before he went to jail. I didn’t mean to hang out with your ‘boyfriend in your head.’ I only meant to do a dope song. Please post that part too Alvin and the Chipfunk. You gon be HURT.”

Check out the “Take Care Babe” diss up top.

Source: Hip Hop DX