B.o.B Has Social Media Meltdown After Dying In Internet Hoax

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B.o.B. is evidently the latest victim of an internet death hoax and judging by a recent Instagram video, he is nowhere near entertained.

In fact, the 30-year-old rapper — who is very much alive — went on an expletive-laced tirade against anyone acting like they were upset by his “passing.”

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“You fuckin’ niggas, I fuckin’ hate you fuckin’ niggas!” he begins. “You niggas ain’t support me worth a shit while I was fuckin’ livin. And now that I’m fuckin’ dead, you wanna talk about, ‘Oh, I love B.o.B. I love his music. I love all his shit?’ Fuck you! Fuck you, you fuckin’ bitch! You ain’t support shit! And you don’t give a fuck about me and you don’t fuckin’ know me.

“Muthafucka. Suck my fuckin’ dick you fuckin’ bitch. You don’t care about none of this shit I fuckin’ said, none of the shit I fuckin’ did and put my fuckin’ neck on the line for you ungrateful ass fuckin’ coons. Ungrateful coons! You don’t give a fuck about nothing. Fuck you! Don’t act like I was your friend.”

Rumors of B.o.B’s death started to circulate over the weekend when a “R.I.P. B.o.B.” Facebook page popped up. Fans flocked to the page and it quickly received nearly one million likes.

“At about 11 a.m. ET on Sunday (September 29, 2019), our beloved rapper B.o.B passed away,” the post read. “B.o.B was born on November 15, 1988 in Winston-Salem. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.”

As news started to travel, his reps reportedly released a statement denying the rumors.

“He joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimized by this hoax,” the statement read. “He’s still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the internet.”

Source: Hip Hop DX