LL Cool J Settles Debate Over “Headsprung” & "Flava In Ya Ear" Lyrics

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New York City, NY – Apparently, there’s something that had been irking iconic Hip Hop figure LL Cool J for while, and — oddly enough — it’s debate over the lyrics to his 2004 Timbaland-produced single “Headsprung.”

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While it’s understandable for people to misinterpret a few words here and there, he notes that literally nobody had a handle on the intro to the song (which was the lead-single for The DEFinition LP).

“Let’s end the debate. All the lyric sites have it wrong,” Uncle L said via Twitter on Friday (September 20) after laying out the verse properly. He even used emojis to add further clarity for those who maybe didn’t understand what he meant.

While more than a few asked (rhetorically of course) who had ever actually called him Big Elly, one fan in particular who tweeted, “Girl who has ever debated this intro” actually elicited a passive savage response.

“You obviously haven’t,” he wrote. “So just Mind your business beautiful.”

Thirteen hours later, LL returned to Twitter to clear up another often misquoted verse intro: the legendary posse cut “Flava In Ya Ear “(Remix)”.

Whether or not LL is planning on breaking down other universally misquoted bars remains to be seen. But fans seemed especially thankful for his second clarification given the nostalgic grandeur the song still holds firmly.

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Check out some reactions below.

Source: Hip Hop DX