Hip Hop Week In Review: Lord Jamar Starts Drama By Slamming Female Rappers

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This week in Hip Hop, Lord Jamar continued to cause controversy by explaining why female rappers don’t fit his definition of “real Hip Hop.” Also, Little Brother opened up about 9th Wonder’s absence from their recent reunion, and Big Boi showed love to EarthGang after social media lashed out at the duo getting compared to Outkast.

Lord Jamar Vs. Female Rappers

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Lord Jamar played Hip Hop curmudgeon once again when he shared his opinion on female rappers during an interview with Battle Code’s Bosschick Raine. The outspoken rapper claimed women don’t measure up to his Hip Hop standards since he can’t resonate with them.

“I like real Hip Hop,” Jamar said. “Like I said, I’m an alpha male. So, certain themes are not gonna resonate with me. Female themes, themes of sucker shit, white people themes. There’s a lot of shit that I wouldn’t resonate with. But I resonate with positive, militant, gangsta, sometimes misogynistic music. I’m just keeping it real.”

He added, “I don’t want my girls telling me about man shit,” he declared. “I don’t want children telling me about man shit. That’s why I can’t listen to these little niggas. I’m not gon’ let no young nigga tell me how to move in this world nor am I gonna let a female tell me about man shit. It’s not gonna happen.”

Jamar’s comments later elicited a reaction from his Yanadameen GODCAST co-host Rah Digga after she was questioned about his take.

“That’s his opinion,” she wrote. “And the second last thing I care about (the last being ANYBODY’S opinion on ANYTHING) is Lord Jamar’s opinion on female rappers.”

Rah was just one of the many people to weigh in on Jamar’s take. HipHopDX’s own Kyle Eustice highlighted his contradictions and fired back at his claims in an editorial.

Read more about Jamar’s views on female rappers here.

Little Brother Reveals Why 9th Wonder Wasn’t Part Of Their Reunion Album

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On a recent episode of The Premium Pete Show, Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh finally opened up about 9th Wonder’s absence from Little Brother’s reunion album May The Lord Watch. The duo detailed how 9th went from originally being involved to out of the mix completely.

“[9th] didn’t want other producers on the album,” Phonte said. “Then it became a thing of ‘Well when we tour, what if I just do the festival dates and [DJ] Flash do the regular dates?’ I was just like, ‘Dude, no.’ If we’re gonna do this, either you’re all the way in or all the way out. And if there’s any reason why you can’t do that or won’t, let’s talk about it. But this is the exact same problem we ran into 10 years ago when we became a duo.”

The conflicts over production and 9th’s disinterest in touring led to Phonte and Pooh doing a clean break for their return LP.

“Once we decided to start over, we told him, ‘You can take your beats back,’” Pooh said. “We’re gonna actually start over.”

Check out all of the details about why 9th wasn’t part of Little Brother’s reunion here.

Big Boi Co-Signs EarthGang Following Social Media Outrage

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EarthGang suddenly became the talk of social media when the oft-maligned YesJulz compared them to Outkast.

“Earthgang is like the OutKast of this generation only with two Andre’s,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m so here for it. & don’t fuckin @ me.”

Her opinion sparked an onslaught of comments about Outkast and EarthGang with many criticizing YesJulz for disrespecting Big Boi. But the man himself took the high road when the subject came up in his Breakfast Club interview.

“When you reach god MC status, it’s hard for people to see you up in these clouds,” he noted. “You just gotta pull the tape, man. 25 years, I’ve won everything, done everything in music and personally. I’m so proud now I was able to maintain my family, my wife, I got three kids in college.”

He also showed love to EarthGang, who recently dropped their Mirrorland album on J. Cole’s Dreamville Records.

“I fuck with a lot of [young artists],” he said. “J. Cole’s and the Kendrick’s, I even like EarthGang. I listen to everything. I’m listening to the Gunna’s, the Lil Baby’s, the Young Thug’s — I love the melodies he use.”

Read more about Big Boi and EarthGang here.

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Source: Hip Hop DX