Shannon Sharpe Disses Buffalo Rappers, Westside Gunn & Benny The Butcher Respond

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Fox Sports host Shannon Sharpe felt the wrath of Griselda Records after taking a shot at Buffalo’s Hip Hop scene. Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher clashed with the NFL Hall of Famer via social media over some comments made by the former Denver Broncos tight end on his television show Undisputed.

While debating his co-host Skip Bayless during a recent episode, Sharpe dismissively asked, “What great rappers you know come out of Buffalo?” A Twitter user posted the clip and tagged the Griselda roster while telling the former NFL star-turned-television personality that he was out of touch.

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Sharpe didn’t let the fan’s words go unnoticed.

“Yep, I’m outta touch,” he wrote. “But, IF* you’re like that I prob shouldn’t have to google you.”

Sharpe later quipped, “Buffalo known for rappers like Ga known for avocados” and “Bet more ppl know Buffalo for wings than rappers. You outta touch IF* you think anything else.”

Westside chimed in by taking a shot at Sharpe and warning the NFL great about disrespecting Buffalo.

“Its Bool if it wasn’t for Steven A Smith I wouldn’t know who Skip was and If it wasn’t for Skip I wouldn’t know u was either,” the Shady Records signee wrote. “guess we both learned something, now I’m a fan of your show, do they sell your throw back anywhere I wanna buy it and represent.”

He added, “OK I’m done It was fun for a day Old Head I know u don’t got it all u smoke black n milds & prob wear black Air Force 1s, if u didn’t know u didn’t know but disrespecting my City idc if u was Jesus ain’t shit sweet around this way, sincerely FLYGOD #thenewKINGofNY TELL Skip watup.”

Benny also shared his thoughts on the matter, which elicited a response from Sharpe.

“Funny thing is I jus seen this ugly mufucka like a week ago at the airport in Atlanta,” Benny wrote. “i was the one with the big jewels you kept starring at.”

Sharpe fired back, “Bruh, I don’t know you.,Don’t take it personal. Hell, it’s a lot of ppl that don’t know me. Buffalo is still known for the Bills, wings and Rick James not rappers.”

Outside of the Griselda crew, The Roots drummer Questlove sent a more respectful message to Sharpe about the Buffalo diss.

“Lol Chill Shannon….. @WESTSIDEGUNN @WHOISCONWAY @BennyBsf @Daringer_ are the NOW,” he wrote. “I guarantee you just made the next Griselda release intro. Trust Me On This!”

If Questlove’s right, it wouldn’t be the first time Sharpe’s been sampled for some music.

Check out one example below.

[embedded content]

Source: Hip Hop DX