Cardi B Debunks Alleged Beef With Tween Rappers

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Cardi B had to shut down claims about her beefing with four 10-year-old rappers. The multi-platinum selling artist refuted stories about her allegedly chastising ZN8tion, an adolescent group of quadruplets who released a diss track aimed at Cardi.

Outlets such as PEOPLE, The Daily Beast and Page Six ran articles about Cardi feuding with the kids, but her Instagram Live insults weren’t in response to the tweens. As she clarified via Twitter, her supposed retort was actually directed at detractors complaining about her winning the Grammy for Best Rap Album.

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Last month, her victory became a topic of conversation again when Travis Scott’s Look Mom, I Can Fly documentary premiered on Netflix. The film showed Scott’s disappointment over losing the Grammy to Cardi, which led to her defending herself against his fans on social media.

“First of all I was talking about a fan base that was coming for me when it comes to album and Grammies and people chopped my video to make it seem like I was talkin about them kids,” Cardi explained Wednesday (September 4) via Twitter. “Second why don’t ya go bitch to the parents that got lil kids talking shit about others?”

Cardi also called out PEOPLE directly for sharing the misinformation.

“NOT TRUE ……Deum do blogs ever do they research anymore ?” she wrote. “Or ya just post shit for clickbait.”

Although Cardi’s original Instagram Live rant was uploaded to YouTube in August, Page Six claimed the stream took place on Monday (September 2). The outlet also interviewed ZN8tion about her response, which turned out to be a fabrication.

“We wanted to show Cardi B to not be a bully and give her a taste of her own medicine,” one of the members told the outlet.

Cardi’s unedited rant can be viewed below.

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Source: Hip Hop DX