Xzibit Credits King T "Freestyle Ghetto" Feature For Launching His Career

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Los Angeles, CA – In the upcoming new episode of Crook’s Corner, KXNG Crooked sits down with veteran West Coast rapper, actor and entrepreneur Xzibit.

In this bonus clip, Xzibit recounts meeting King T, and how his first feature launched his career.

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He started out as part of a duo called Shady Bunch alongside rapper Ahle Rocksta. The two were working a producer named Broadway, who also happened to be working with King T.

Ahle Rocksta fell off as things weren’t coming together, however Xzibit kept pushing — and King T took notice.

“I still hadn’t met the Alkaholiks yet … when I met the Alkaholiks, it was like, oh shit,” he laughs. “I was really excited to be around them.”

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King T took Xzibit on tour, allowing him to rock shows. He notes that once the Liks began to take a liking to him, that’s when it all started.

“The first thing that solidified the relationship was, [when] King T put me on a record called ‘Freestyle Ghetto,’ which was on the King T For Life album,” he says. “That was the first thing I ever put out … [first song] recorded as Xzibit.”

As he explains, that song led to his first deal.

“Steve Rifkin came and asked to sign me … I never made a demo. I never made a mixtape. I never did any of that.”

Watch the full clip above.

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Source: Hip Hop DX