Twitter Roasts Trey Songz For "Power" Theme Song Update

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Twitter – As it’s been said, the internet has no chill — and this weekend was no exception. Somehow, fans of the STARZ hit series Power were able to get their hands on an episode prior to the Season 6 premiere, which airs on Sunday night (August 25).

For the past five seasons, vocal duties for the show’s “Big Rich Town” theme song has been handled by 50 Cent and R&B singer Joe. But for Season 6, Joe has been replaced by Trey Songz. 

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Evidently, viewers felt Trey’s contribution to the update was so horrendous, Twitter lit up with reactions to the remix.

The memes haven’t stopped flowing since Saturday (August 24). In fact, Trey quickly became a trending topic on the social media platform.

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While there were a couple of people who didn’t mind the switch, unfortunately for Trey, the majority of commenters ruled the song was an epic failure.

Check out Twitter being Twitter below.

Source: Hip Hop DX