Atmosphere Braves Colorado Winter For "Earring" Video Featuring Musab

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Rocky Mountains, CO – The ever-consistent duo of Atmosphere — Sean “Slug” Daley and Anthony “Ant” Davis — is back with a new video for “Earring” featuring Musab, one of 12 tracks on 2018’s Mi Vida Local.

Directed by Colin Floom, the visual is set in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and shows Slug and Musab making an arduous trek by horse and buggy through the frigid terrain as they reflect on their lives.

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Fans of Slug may noticed the mustache he had to grow for the video. In an interview with High Times, he explained how the extra facial hair was definitely strange. During a stop in Missouri as part of the Mi Vida Local Tour last year, he felt like the audience was staring at him in a weird way.

“It was different than what I’m used to,” he said. “I’m trying to figure out like, ‘Why are these people looking at me like this?’ So I brought it up to the audience. ‘Of course, you’re gonna stare at us because we’re on the stage but right now, I’m feeling kind of weird about the way you guys are looking at me.’ And as I’m saying this, it dawns on me, ‘Oh man, I have a mustache now and even I’m not used it.’ Nobody is. I look like Cheech. I forgot!

“I went on this fucking rant about how people treat you differently when you have different kinds of facial hair. Usually, I’ve always had this weird little soul patch and people don’t treat you that weird for that. They just kind of laugh at you. With the mustache, people kind of look at me like I’m like I’m supposed to sell them weed. I was fully in the middle of edible world when this was all going on. Had I not been in edible world, this would have not even crossed my mind.”

With the mustache gone, Slug is heading back to Colorado next month for two Atmosphere shows in Denver at the Mission Ballroom.

Check out the “Earring” video above.

Source: Hip Hop DX