JAY-Z & Meek Mill Announce Dream Chasers & Roc Nation Partnership

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New York, NY – Hip Hop’s first billionaire JAY-Z and criminal justice reform advocate Meek Mill have launched a joint venture with Dream Chasers and Roc Nation. CBS This Morning previewed its interview with the two entrepreneurs on Wednesday (July 24).

The Roc Nation founder went into detail on the importance of ownership in the music business.

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“The music and culture we create, you know we’ve been giving it away for so long,” Jay told Gayle King. “Which is understandable, you’ve got to start somewhere. You’ve got to clean the floors up before you own the building, but we don’t shine shoes anymore.”

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The Dream Chasers boss hailed Hov as the G.O.A.T. and explained how inspirational Jay has been to him in all aspects of life. Meek also noted working with the Roc Nation mogul is a dream come true.

“Coming into the music industry, of course, there’s always the people you admire,” he says. “There’s not too many people I admire on a music level and a business level and on like, as a man level. So doing business with Hov is like, like even when we talk I always explain it to him like that that was crazy, it’s a regular day for you but this is a part of my dreams being in this situation.”

The two high profile artists also expressed their obligation to give back to the next generation.

“We’ve been through some of the same things, some of the same struggles, and, again, like I said, that responsibility is not lost on us,” Jay says.

Meek adds,“Like he said, we come from the same ghettos of America. I always felt like I had a responsibility to lead the culture as much as I can. I always say JAY-Z and others that come before me, was like a snow plow for people like myself.

“They made it easier to walk through the snow storm. I want to continue to be a snow plow for the next generation coming behind me.”

The duo has worked closely before throughout the years on music, criminal justice reform and now the joint partnership.

This is Meek’s second major business announcement of the year. In June, he became the co-owner of Lids and introduced his new hat line. The entire interview is scheduled to air on Thursday (July 25).

Watch the full CBS This Morning interview above.

Source: Hip Hop DX