Ice Cube & Chuck D Clown Writer Who Dissed BIG3 Basketball

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Twitter – BIG3 mastermind Ice Cube was quick to defend his league after The Ringer ran an article written by Rodger Sherman calling the BIG3 players “washed.”

“Have you ever wondered what would happen if a seven-time NBA All-Star played in a three-on-three league against a bunch of washed retirees?” The Ringer’s account tweeted on Friday (July 19).

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Cube replied, “This is very disrespectful. Washed? I’d like to see you get your ass out there with them.”

Public Enemy’s Chuck D, another noted sports enthusiast, hopped in the conversation as well.

“Cube THAT same person would pass the Fcuk Out after a 45 second argument,” he sub-tweeted on Saturday morning (July 20).

Chuck and Ice weren’t alone. Michael Rapaport, never one to shy away from adding his two cents, echoed the rap legends’ sentiments.

“@Rodger you writing an article disrespecting @thebig3,” he tweeted. “you work for @BillSimmons who right? @rodger I guarantee you that you can’t make 10 Lay-Ups in a row. You never been to a  @thebig3 game & you never played on a competitive basketball team.

“Also what you counting other Menz money. You said the players are doing it for a check? I promise they’re getting more money than you got for this Bullshit you wrote.
What do you get a Dollar a word? Stay out of Menz Pockets.

In the article, Sherman said he thought “the Big3 originally seemed like a way for washed ex-ballers to con fans into financing their retirements via half-assed pickup games,” but admitted the BIG3 appears to have plenty of staying power.

Even so, Rapaport wasn’t having it.

“Homey you don’t speak to OG’s like that,” he tweeted. “Correct yourself Homey. The article is cynical and sarcastic. Fuck the article. Fuck @rodger & you can eat a DIX.”

Source: Hip Hop DX