50 Cent Puts Young Buck Through The Old FaceApp

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Like countless others, 50 Cent is evidently having way too much fun with the old FaceApp that’s recently captivated social media. But 50 Cent wouldn’t be 50 Cent without using whatever tools he has at his disposal to torment Young Buck. 

On Thursday morning (July 18), the Power co-creator slapped the FaceApp on his former G-Unit associate and photoshopped his head onto the body of a homeless person. Of course, he brought up Buck’s debt and said he’s down for installments.

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“You know I’m all for payment plans when you ain’t got it,” he captioned the photo. “so you know get what you can together for me and let’s talk before Monday fool.”

50 also tried the FaceApp on himself earlier this week and transformed into a regal, Le Chemin Du Roi-toting elderly man.

“These hoe’s know I’m the KING, shit no cap,” he wrote in the caption. “#lecheminduroi aged LOL.”

50 has been taunting Buck for months over his alleged relationship with a transgender woman. Buck was finally fed up and unleashed two diss tracks aimed at the G-Unit boss last month — “The Story Of Foofy” and “Duppy Freestyle.” 

They have both been removed from YouTube.

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Source: Hip Hop DX