Toni Braxton Hits Court Over Birdman’s Still-Missing Engagement Ring

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Los Angeles, CA – Toni Braxton paid a visit to a L.A. courthouse Thursday (July 11) in hopes to retrieve her engagement ring from Birdman along with other stolen jewelry totaling $2.5 million. The R&B icon took the stand as a witness after LAPD detectives discovered her ring was indeed stolen, according to TMZ.

Braxton would rather have this ordeal over with and prefers the alleged suspect give back the intimate items. “I would love for the person to have remorse and just turn it in,” the six-time Grammy award winner said. Among the jewels stolen were two Rolex watches, two pair of vintage earrings and a Cartier timepiece.

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The alleged defendant works for a cleaning service at the LAX Airport. Three of his coworkers stated they saw the suspect going through Braxton’s luggage and taking her expensive valuables.

When asked by the TMZ photographer why the ring wasn’t on her finger she responded, “I have lupus so when I travel I have to take my jewelry off because I swell.” The “Un-Break My Heart” singer has always been open about the disease and how it impacts her.

Braxton accidentally left her Louis Vuitton train case with the jewelry on a Delta plane arriving at Los Angeles in November. The case was returned but without the pieces, most importantly, the engagement ring from the Cash Money co-founder.

Source: Hip Hop DX