Willie D Hits VladTV To Discuss Bushwick Bill’s Drug & Alcohol Abuse

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Willie D recently sat down with VladTV for a candid interview. During their conversation, they talked about Bushwick Bill’s decision-making after achieving fame as well as the late MC’s drug and alcohol problem.

“I really think that money just magnifies who you are and I think that’s who Bill was,” Willie says in the clip. “As long as I’ve known Bill, he’s always had a major insecurity with his size and I ain’t going to front, I’d have an insecurity with that too.

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“But I’m the type of person to make adjustments and to accept things for what they are. If I can’t change something, I don’t allow it to torment me, and I don’t allow it to make me make an irrational decision that could harm me or the people that I say I love.”

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Willie continues by detailing how different Bill was after he started using substances.

“It was like somebody totally different,” he says. “You never knew what Bill you was going to get.”

The clip concludes with the Houston City Council member hopeful refusing to divulge any specifics about his fellow Geto Boy but firmly stating “he had a problem with drugs and alcohol.”

Bushwick died in June after being diagnosed in February with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He was 52.

Watch the VladTV exclusive clip above.

Source: Hip Hop DX