Adrien Broner Ready To Fight 50 Cent Over Alleged Debt

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As 50 Cent continues badgering people for their alleged debts, there’s one person who evidently refuses to bow down to Fiddy’s demands — Adrien Broner. 

After Broner accused Fiddy of blocking him on social media earlier this week, 50 claimed he owed him money.

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The light welterweight boxer then hopped back on Instagram and scoffed at 50’s directive to “have something for me by Monday.”

“50 Cent I’m throwing another 20,000 tonight nigga and I ain’t giving you shit on Monday,” he posted along with a middle finger emoji.

50 quickly replied, “Fuck you AB, we still mad about that money you made us lose on ya fight. Yeah I blocked your ass because you fucking up the money.”

He also said in the comment section, “Have Something for Me by Monday.”

Broner fired back and said he’s ready to square up with the tough-talking Power exc.

“Fuck you too @50cent and we can fight to solve our differences,” he wrote. He added, “I ain’t got shit for you @50Cent.”

Check out Broner’s posts below.

Source: Hip Hop DX