Madlib Reportedly Recorded 8 Songs For Mythical Black Star Album

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Glendale, CA – Madilb and Freddie Gibbs recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly. During their conversation, the storied producer revealed he’s already completed eight songs on Black Star’s long overdue follow-up to 1998’s Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star. 

The rumor mill started buzzing last year after Mos Def — now known as Yasiin Bey — announced he and Kweli were working on another Black Star album during a Denver concert.

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“New Black Star with Madlib, Talib Kweli, Yasiin, coming soon!” Bey said in a clip. “All Madlib, all day. 2018, Madlib, Black Star. Madlib Black Star.”

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However, in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Kweli admitted he heard about the news when the rest of the Hip Hop community did.

“It looks like it might happen,” Kweli told DX in February 2018. “I found out on the internet the same way y’all did. We’ve been talking about doing an album with Madlib for years. That’s been an idea we’ve had for so long, but for him to make that announcement … I didn’t know he was going to make the announcement.

“He went to a Madlib show and he got hype. It’s not like we discussed it and said, ‘Ok, we’re going to announce it.’ I got off the plane, I landed and was like, ‘Oh ok.’ It’s an idea we have been discussing for a long time, now we just gotta make it happen.”

Elsewhere in the interview with EW, Madlib and Gibbs talked about their upcoming Bandana album and Madlib’s love of psychedelics.

Read the full interview here. 

Source: Hip Hop DX