SWV’s Coko Makes Good With Jhené Aiko After Calling Her Music “Sleepy”

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Virginia Beach, VA – Jhené Aiko let it be known she heard SWV member Coko’s comments about the singer’s music being “sleepy.” The two ran into each other at Pharrell’s inaugural Something In The Water Festival, which took place this past weekend, and discussed the critique.

SWV recently discussed their opinions on current R&B artists in a video for Buzzfeed’s Cocoa Butter. Coko listened to Aiko’s “Sativa” from and gave her input.

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“This stuff, if you depressed you shouldn’t listen to it,” she said before singing along to the track. “Am I sleepy or is it just you?”

Although Aiko was aware of what Coko said, there was no ill will between the two. The latter shared an Instagram photo of them together at the festival and detailed their interaction.

“Jhené Aiko is a sweetheart!” Coko wrote. “She walked up to me and said all of my songs aren’t sleepy. We laughed and hugged it out!! She got what I was saying though. It’s all love, no hate. My son is a big fan of hers.”

Both artists took the stage at Pharrell’s Something In The Water Festival, which took place in his hometown of Virginia Beach. Coko performed solo since fellow SWV members Leelee and Taj couldn’t make the performance.

Check out clips of their respective performances below.

Source: Hip Hop DX