Dax Scores One For His Family With “My Last Words” Video

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Ottawa, Canada – After well over a month of intensive promotion, Dax has unleashed the video for his emotionally charged new video “My Last Words” on Friday (April 5).

It’s a song that the buzzing Canadian MC told HipHopDX earlier this year would change the way the world looked at him — and with almost a million plays in just over 24 hours (without major label push), he may not be incorrect.

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“[“My Last Words”] is a Metaphorical Lyrical Exorcism getting rid of the OLD US,” Dax explained via Instagram.

“Many people don’t know about the near-death situations, multiple legal battles, failures, and life changes I’ve had in 2018 … [It’s] more than a song. I’m literally getting rid of the old me,” he adds.

The key to Dax’s success is undoubtedly the devotion of his fanbase, which he lovingly refers to as his family.

“I don’t like people who follow me, to call themselves fans because I never call myself a fan of anybody,” he explains. “I treat them like family. I treat them like they’re someone,” he told HipHopDX In January.

The intense fan interaction (and personalized approach) has clearly paid off, with the video quickly approaching a million views, and family members streaming on repeat and creating reaction videos at a feverish pace.

“We are not supposed to be here,” he writes via Instagram. “We chose to be here. The next 9 months will be LEGENDARY. Mark my words.”

With a two-month tour alongside Tech Nine kicking off April 11 in Omaha, Nebraska, and a reported six singles (and videos) ready to drop, he’s definitely not letting the upward momentum die.

Check out Dax’s “My Last Words,” above.

Source: Hip Hop DX