Onry Ozzborn Launches GoFundMe Campaign Following Daughter's Cancer Diagnosis

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Seattle, WA – Fake Four Inc. staple Onry Ozzborn recently got the news any parent would dread. After weeks of testing, the Seattle-based artist was told his 10-year-old daughter — Violet Ofelia Martinez — has a form of Non-Lymphoblastic Non-Hodgkin’s cancer.

In the wake of V’s diagnosis, Onry has set up a GoFundMe account to help cover medical costs and any other unexpected expenses that pop up during her treatment. He explained the details of V’s situation in the campaign’s description.

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“Treatment for her begins Feb 22nd & will last 4 to 5 months give or take depending on how she handles everything,” he wrote in part. “We also will be taking a holistic approach on some things as well. We are reaching out for help in tackling this fight we face ahead. She WILL without a single doubt defeat this coward of a disease but her road to recovery will be a tedious one at times.”

“Those of you that know her (& or) have ever met her understand that this is no match for Ofelia in the long run,” Onry continued. “Getting to that finish line however will be very costly across the board in regards to leave of work, complete lifestyle change, a more adequate living situation to better accommodate her & this condition, things of that nature but most of all her treatment & all the things that come along with it (planned or unplanned).” 

Onry, who is also part of the group Grayskul and Dark Time Sunshine, penned a song for Violet called “V Girl” featuring Reva Devito.

“To all my family, friends & fans, the only way I know how to cope with most things is through music so Zavala & I (aka DARK TIME SUNSHINE), & V’s favorite singer Reva Devito put together a song & video dedicated to my wonderful daughter titled V GIRL attached within this campaign,” he explained. “Play it LOUD.. often..  & keep the V in your hearts always till this spineless little poison withers away for good.”

[embedded content]

Onry concluded the post with, “Positive thought, prayer, energy, & reaching our goal are most important for her/us at this time to get through & maintain a strong mindset.

“With your help I know we can truly achieve anything that comes our way & conquer this feat. We love you all so very much.”

Ceschi Ramos, co-founder of Fake Four Inc. and Onry’s longtime friend, admits he took this news particularly hard.

“How many times have you seen someone be captured by sickness and simply wish it could be you and not them facing the disease?” Ceschi told HipHopDX. “I have known Violet Ofelia Martinez since she was a toddler. Her father, Onry, is one of my closest friends in music. He is a member of some of my favorite Hip Hop groups of all time: Dark Time Sunshine and Grayskul.

“When he texted me and told me that Violet was diagnosed with cancer, time froze still and my heart stopped. I nearly fainted on an airplane. I have faced more grief and loss in the last year than most experience in their entire lives, but this little girl is one of the brightest lights I’ve ever encountered. She is a shining star of a human being. I love her entire family like an extended family of my own. To all of those who have supported Fake Four over the last decade, please consider helping the Martinez family during the most difficult time of their lives. It would mean a lot to all of us.”

As of publication time, V’s GoFundMe campaign has raised nearly $16,000 out of its $50,000 goal. To donate, head to the GoFundMe page. 

Source: Hip Hop DX