J-Kwon Revisits Pusha-T & Odd Future Beef In BET Digital Series "Finding"

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New York, NY – In 2004, St. Louis-bred artist J-Kwon had one the biggest songs in the country with “Tipsy” at the young age of 17-years-old. Though it was his only major hit, the Trackboyz-produced banger “Hood Hop” had its moment too.

Sitting down with BET for their new docu-series Finding, J-Kwon addresses some of the struggles he went through being in the music industry following the success of “Tipsy” as well as his Pusha T and Odd Future diss track, “Pushing The Odds” from 2013.

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The diss track didn’t come out of no where. Pusha T and Odd Future mentioned J-Kwon in their music first.

It began with Pusha T slighting him on his Wrath of Caine mixtape track “Only You Tell It” with the line, “Hands dirty like Ason, I’m grindin’ nigga you J-Kwon.”

Next, he was mentioned on “Rella” off The OF Tape Vol. 2 with a voice exclaiming in between Tyler, the Creator’s verse, “You ain’t got no fuckin’ Yeezy? / five albums, 100 songs, and you ain’t got no fuckin’ Yeezy? / I betchu got some J-Kwon / You ain’t got no fuckin Yeezy?”

“My thing is, I thought me and Pusha was cool,” he says in the docu-series. “I don’t know you, you don’t know me. We was all on the same label at the same time with L.A. Reid, with The Clipse. I’m like ya’ll record dope. I don’t know what that’s about. The whole Pusha T, Odd Future thing, I don’t know what’s that about.”

As far as the “I betchu got some J-Kwon,” comment in OF’s “Rella,” J-Kwon is confident that they probably do have some J-Kwon music saved somewhere.

“I bet the do got some J-Kwon,” he says. “We all know they got some J-Kwon! Thanks for having some J-Kwon!”

To this day, Kwon says he is confused as to why he was the recipient of so much heat for the music he made, especially when Kanye West gave him a huge shout out in an interview with the New York Times. West was quoted as saying “Tipsy” will always be his #1 despite some feeling like the song is a “lower-quality, less intellectual form of Hip-Hop.”

Needless to say, J-Kwon’s diss record in response to the jabs left Tyler, the Creator “really stoked.”

Watch BET’s latest Finding episode with J-Kwon above.

Source: Hip Hop DX