Jaden Smith Doubles Down On Romantic Relationship With Tyler The Creator

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Jaden Smith was the host of Beats 1 Radio show MSFTS Frequencywhere he doubled down on the recent comments he made about Tyler The Creator. During his performance at the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival earlier this month, Smith claimed the Odd Future alum was his “boyfriend.” 

Smith insists it’s true.

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” Yes, I love Frank Ocean,” he said during the episode. “Speaking of Frank Ocean, I actually was just at Flog Gnaw not too long ago, I met Lauryn Hill, that was actually one of the best moments of my life. And I recently said that Tyler The Creator is my boyfriend, and that’s true. So, just so you know. Yeah, it was fun. Flog Gnaw was like the best set ever, like, Golf Wang is really, everything.”

Smith’s initial proclamation had some of his fans confused, especially when considering Tyler was off to the side of the stage shaking his finger at the crowd, seemingly denying the relationship.

Elsewhere in the episode, Smith opened up about his new album The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story, which was released on Saturday (November 17).

The Sunset Tapes are really important to me because I’m obsessed with the sunset, and I need to watch the sunset every single day,” he said. “I feel like it restarts my whole life when I watch the sunset. It’s like I’m watching the world start over, and I just need the sunset for some reason, and it has this weird connection with relationships and love almost because it’s like the sun sets, and then you’re like, “What do I do? Who am I gonna spend time with? It’s dark now. It’s almost like programmed into humans where it’s like, alright, it’s dark. I need to find shelter. I need to find loved ones and food.”

Smith also revealed he will continue the story of SYRE, the character at the center of Smith’s last two albums — SYRE and SYRE: The Electric Album. 

Source: Hip Hop DX