Hip Hop Reacts To Nike Boycott Controversy Following Colin Kaepernick Ad

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Social media has been in an uproar since Nike revealed Colin Kaepernick as one of the faces of its new ad campaign celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Just Do It.”

The former NFL star, who has become a symbol of social justice since taking a knee during the National Anthem in 2016, shared a photo of the campaign featuring his likeness to his Twitter account on Monday (September 3).

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything,” he wrote. “#JustDoIt.”

Donald Trump enthusiasts and other detractors were outraged the retail behemoth unveiled the campaign on Labor Day. In an effort to boycott Nike, people started posting photos of themselves burning their Nike gear or simply cutting the logo out of their clothing.

Naturally, plenty of Twitter users took the opportunity to mock those boycotting the brand.

However, it wasn’t without consequence. According to MSN, Nike stocks plummeted more than two percent since the ad was unveiled.

But, any ramifications from the Nike boycott hasn’t stopped Kaep’s supporters from being vocal about their stance.

Several members of the Hip Hop and R&B community got in on the action, including George Clinton, Chuck D, DJ Khaled, KXNG Crooked, CunninLynguists’ Kno, Blockhead and more.

Check out their reactions below. 

Source: Hip Hop DX