Kobe Bryant Rep Shoots Down BIG3 Comeback

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Los Angeles, CA – Although it sounded it like a win-win for basketball fans and Ice Cube, Kobe Bryant will NOT be dusting off his Nikes to play in the BIG3 league.

Molly Carter, chief marketing officer of Kobe Inc., let the chopper fly on the rumored returned to the Associated Press’ Brian Mahoney.

Elsewhere, the celebrated 3-on-3 basketball league just wrapped up its second season this past Friday, August 17.

[This post has been updated. The following was originally published earlier today, August 21, 2018.]

The last time NBA legend Kobe Bryant stepped onto a professional hardwood, he scored 60 points.

In a recent interview with CBS, Ice Cube expressed how much he loved giving older athletes with drive left in their game the opportunity to play in his BIG3 basketball league.

Could these two basketball forces be eyeing some sort of synergy agreement?

According to Basketball Society’s Brandon Robinson a.k.a. Scoop B, the 5x World Champ will play in Cube’s BIG3 next season. The news reportedly came from league co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz during a weekly conference call.

Cube, obviously a longtime Laker fan, has been attempting to recruit Bryant since his 2016 retirement and it appears he may have finally gotten his wish.

Bryant’s inclusion in the burgeoning BIG3 would work wonders for the fan draw. As the NBA’s third-leading all-time scorer, 2008 NBA MVP, 18-time All-Star (4 All-Star MVP’s) and 2-time NBA Finals MVP to go along with the five rings, it goes without saying that arenas would pack out to see if #24 still has the juice.

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