Ski Beatz Threw Away An Unreleased JAY-Z Album & Big L Collabs

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The world will never hear a JAY-Z album that was recorded before his iconic debut, Reasonable Doubt.

In a new interview with DJBooth, Ski Beatz revealed he threw away an unreleased LP from Hov and some tracks with the late Big L. The acclaimed producer trashed them after making a switch in his recording technology.

“Around the time I was working for [Big] L, that’s when he passed,” he said. “Nobody heard the songs, and I did all those songs on ADAT (audio tapes). Around that time, that’s when the whole Pro Tools and the whole computer thing started to come into play. I wasn’t even thinking about the future… Any ADATs I had, I just got rid of all of my ADATs and went into the computer world. I didn’t make [copies] of anything that we did.”


Ski recalled the fate of the unheard Hov record and admitted some collaborations with Camp Lo got canned too.

“That goes for a lot of JAY-Z. Before Reasonable Doubt, we had a whole album that we did, that nobody has ever heard,” he continued. “I did it on ADAT, and when I got rid of all the ADAT, I got rid of all the Big L stuff, all the JAY-Z stuff. Even unreleased Camp Lo music. I wasn’t even thinking.”

Ski produced multiple tracks on JAY-Z’s Reasonable Doubt, including “Dead Presidents II” and “22 Two’s.” He also handled all of the production for Camp Lo’s debut, Uptown Saturday Night.

Read the full interview with Ski here.

Source: Hip Hop DX