Lil B Producer Accuses Drake Of Beat-Jacking On "Scorpion" Opener

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Hours after Drake released his Scorpion album, he’s already being accused of jacking the beat and concept featured on one of the project’s songs.

The particular song in question is “Survival,” the opening track to Scorpion, produced by No. I.D. and Noah “40” Shebib.

According to many on social media, the song sounds nearly identical to Lil B’s 2014 track “I’m Tupac,” which was produced by Keyboard Kid.

The overlap is because both songs sample “Telex” by German composer Claude Larson (aka Klaus Netzle, who is credited on Scorpion).


According to Keyboard Kid, neither he nor Lil B received any credit for a song that was “recreated.”

When a user asked if he’d been paid or received credit, Keyboard Kid tweeted, “Nah they basically emulated recreated me and B whole song..i didnt see us credited for anything..”

Still, Keyboard Kid did mention he was flattered by the idea of possibly inspiring No I.D. musically.

“It’s Crazy Cuz No I.D. A Legend ..So To Kno I Inspired Something Like That Is Dope -Keyboard,” he wrote.

Lil B didn’t address the accusations, but did spread positivity on Twitter.

Listen to both songs below.


Source: Hip Hop DX