Houston Rapper Big T's Death Leads To Confusion

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Following reports of Houston rapper Big T’s death, multiple outlets used a photo of battle rapper Big T, causing confusion among Hip Hop fans. Billboard, Page Six and The Daily Mail all used a photo of the wrong Big T.

The problem — of course — is battle rapper Big T is alive and well.

Billboard has since updated its story with the correct photo, but a Twitter post still incorrectly displays the Chicago battle rapper.

The outlet issued a correction on the original article that reads: “Billboard issues an apology to our readers and rapper Big T from Chicago for inadvertently using his photo in the originally reported story.”

Despite the sad circumstances, battle rapper Big T had a little fun at Billboard’s expense.

“Yooo @mediatakeout I understand y’all make mistakes but @billboard is ridiculous,” he wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday (May 9). “how do you stop this @mediatakeout_.”

A few Twitter users caught on to the error and posted their reactions to the mixup as well.

Check those out below. 

Source: Hip Hop DX