Stalley's Surprise To Daughter Goes "TODAY" Show Viral

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Atlanta, GA – Devout Ohio rapper Stalley and a childhood friend have given their daughters the surprise of a lifetime.

Stalley and longtime friend Corey Walker introduced their young daughters via FaceTime four years ago. The two girls, Kylie Myricks and Jalyssa Walker, have spoken daily since and have been best friends for nearly half of their lives without ever meeting each other in person.

For the night of April 13, the two fathers arranged a secret meeting for the girls as a birthday gift to Kylie–with no knowledge on Jalyssa’s part either. After a minute of shock and wondering if the encounter was real, the two best friends finally embraced each other and were consumed by tears of joy.

“They live 7+ hours away and our schedules never lined up to have them meet in person until this moment,” said Corey Walker in a Reddit post.

The “two girls who made the world cry” have since gone viral and won over the hearts of social media.

Stalley’s latest work was this February’s Tell The Truth: Shame The Devil Vol. 2

Source: Hip Hop DX