Cardi B Fires Back At Tattoo Model Over Album Cover Lawsuit

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The ongoing dispute over Cardi B’s Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 cover art continues.

As first reported by TMZ last October, tattoo model Kevin Brophy is suing the “Bodak Yellow” rapper over the artwork, which depicts a man between Cardi’s legs. The claim has since been denied, and Cardi even shared images of the actual model.

Now, Cardi is doubling down, saying the model on her cover is black while Brophy is white. She claims the images Brophy circulated of the tattoo also show another tattoo on his neck, which doesn’t appear on the cover.

The actual model on the cover, Toronto online personality The6AtSix was quick to speak out against Brophy’s claims last year via video.

“OK, like who are you? Who are you, though,” The6AtSix asked. “Who are you, pretending to be me trying to sue Cardi B?”

Whoever this fuckin bum ass “Kevin Brophy” is needs to find another way to finesse food for his kids. Fuckin lame ass nigga. @iamcardib iunno if this shit is real but it’s all over the fuckin internet right now. Tag Cardi, tag TMZ, tag Worldstar. This nigga a FRAUD n I’m not sue’n cardi for shit. Lesson learned??? DONT TRY TO SUE PEOPLE WHEN YOU DONT KNOW WA GWAN! #NiggaTriedToFinesse #HeFailed @tmz_tv @worldstar @theshaderoom @balleralert #CardiB

Posted by The6atSix on Thursday, October 26, 2017

Brophy has never publicly claimed to be the model. He just says his back tattoo was used without his permission — a discovery he made after friends brought it up to him.

In his lawsuit, Brophy claims his young son was asking about it, which he found particularly troubling. A separate photo shared by The6AtSix appears to show he doesn’t have the tattoo in question, lending credibility to Brophy’s complaint.

Brophy is seeking $5 million in damages.

Source: Hip Hop DX