50 Cent Clowns Troy Ave While Backing Up Casanova 2x

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50 Cent and Troy Ave used to have a working relationship. The NYC rap self-starters appeared on Young Buck’s “Drug Money” in 2015 and 50 was featured on Troy’s cut, “Bang Bang” that same year. Now, the Power mogul is taking jabs at the self-proclaimed NuPac, and inserting himself into the Casanova 2x and BSB Records founder drama.

Casanova, who is a close associate of 50, was also a longtime friend of Hip Hop podcaster Taxstone who was indicted for the murder of Troy’s bodyguard last year.

On Friday (February 23), 50 posted a screenshot from the visual, which finds a cartoon Troy on the witness stand with his middle finger up.

“Middle finger from the stand,smh,” he captioned the since-deleted Instagram photo. “Cas on his Pimpin curly, you gonna just do like ROSS and keep working.”

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50 wasn’t done there. In another deleted Instagram post, he posted a photo of himself laughing alongside Uncle Murda and Casanova with the caption, “This is what pissed New PAC off, @unclemurda @casanova_2x what the fuck are you crazy Brooklyn ni66as doing. LOL.”

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Following the release of Troy’s “2 Legit 2 Quit” video earlier this month, one particular line raised a few red flags. “I’m only loyal to my fam/ Middle finger from the stand/ It’s either me or it’s you,” he raps, indicating he’d be willing to testify against Taxstone.

Troy later denied he would snitch.

50’s posts were likely provoked by Troy’s recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. During the episode, Troy compared his beef with Casanova to the beef between Rick Ross and 50.

“I’m not gonna let my pride be a handicap and stop me in life,” he said. “Because like I said, people have more pride than money. In certain situations, like the Assanova thing, he’s doing a Pimpin’ Curly skit. And what did [Rick] Ross do? He just kept working and working. I’m just gonna [keep working]. I don’t care about that.”

Check out The Breakfast Club interview below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZkIDiw0jDU?start=466]

Source: Hip Hop DX