Too Short Calls B.S. On Sexual Assault Allegations

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Los Angeles, CA – Teena Louis, a woman who alleges Too $hort sexually assaulted her multiple times in 2016, is reportedly planning to sue the legendary Bay Area rapper for sexual battery. But according to $hort, they never had intercourse and her accusations are simply a ploy to extort money from him. He denies any sexual assault ever took place.

“Once again, I am reading false allegations about myself in the media,” $hort tells HipHopDX. “I have not been served. However, if there is a lawsuit against me, at most it is an extortion plot and at the least an attempt to defame my character.

“These are the same accusations from over a year ago, which were falsely reported then as criminal charges,” he continues. “At that time, there were no charges, never an investigation and there was no lawsuit. I released a statement saying as much and refrained from attacking my accusers character. I did not sexually assault her and I will now resume the suit I had begun to file against her for slander.” 

The “accusations from over year ago” he’s referring to stem from March 2017, when the Hella Disrespectful MC was alleged to have raped an artist who was previously signed to his label, something he also refuted.

In regard to the most recent allegations, TMZ reports they obtained court documents filed by Louis that say $hort held her down and had vaginal sex with her, and “brutally sodomized” her.

$hort, who recently dropped the new single “You Came To Party” as part of the Meter Mobb, vows to move ahead with the countersuit to clear his name.

Source: Hip Hop DX